Lego RCX Pocket Programmer

The "RCX Programmer" let's you program the "RCX Brick" on the fly like a pocket calculator using its own screen.

The yellow Lego RCX Brick

|View    1   2   3    Prgm| 
|[__]  +-----------+  [__]| 
|      | 00.PA   [ |	  | 
|OnOff +-----------+  Run | 
|[__]    A   B   C    [__]| 

The idea is based on "OnScreen" Copyright(c)1999 by David R. van Wagner, and "LegOS 0.2.4" Copyright(c)1998 by Markus L. Noga.

However, the code (firmware) for the Lego "RCX Programmer" has been completely rewritten to provide much more and enhanced functionality.

Lego "RCX Programmer" Features:

Download Programmer's Guide

Download RCX Programmer